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Discover the Benefits of Johnston Eavestrough’s Services in Winnipeg

Complete Eavestrough Services for All Your Needs

Johnston Eavestrough provides various services relating to eavestrough installation and repairs to residential and commercial customers across the Winnipeg city-wide area.

We guarantee our work but do not have a set timeframe, as this will vary from job to job depending upon the work involved.

• Minor repairs – eavestrough & roofing

   - Repair leaking corners

   - Caulking (eavestrough corners & around chimneys)

• Installations

   - Custom eavestroughs

   - 5-6 inch continuous aluminum & steel eavestroughing

   - Copper eavestroughing

• Protection

   - Gutter protection/gutter caps (different products depending on the need)

• Maintenance

   - Cleaning leaves & debris from your eavestroughing

Benefits of Maintaining Your Eavestroughing

The biggest advantage of our maintenance services is that they save you from having to make costly foundation repairs later. It’s imperative that you keep your eavestrough well-maintained for the following reasons:

• Increased property value

If your home or business looks like it is well maintained, it’s going to show and really make a difference for your curb appeal. Studies have shown that a property with a well-kept exterior can increase the overall value by as much as 10%.

• Extended life for your eavestroughs

Not only does this save you money on costly repairs, but it also gives you peace of mind and protection. A falling eavestrough can be hazardous to your safety. Let our experienced staff handle the cleaning and repairs for you.

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